Creutzer Tax Advisory Group

    Do you have a clear, understandable plan to achieve your financial goals? or do you just have a bunch of investments in various places trying to “make money”…

    Recognizing challenges like this faced today by retirees and those on the threshold of retirement, we founded Creutzer Financial Services, LLC. Located in Bel Air, Maryland, the firm has been helping people in Bel Air for over a decade. Creating a PLAN that includes long term savings concepts, tax management, and preservation of wealth through sound financial strategies have been core beliefs since we opened our doors. To date our efforts protect hundreds of families from over taxation and loss of wealth.

    Our focus is to help you make smart decisions with your money. Many clients realize that the smartest decisions they make in life are the ones that are directly in line with achieving what is truly important to them – their goals. At our firm we help our clients try to avoid unnecessary risk with their retirement assets. We want to help you to preserve your hard-earned retirement assets in today’s volatile market conditions and help you enjoy the fruits of your working years.  Our goal is for you to not worry about your money, so you can enjoy your retirement years and start doing what is important to you.

    One of the reasons Creutzer Financial Services, LLC has helped so many clients form a solid plan is our “team” approach.

    Each client has access to and input from not only their trusted advisor, but also:

    • Best in class CPA tax professionals*.
    • Best in class CPA tax professionals*.
    • Best in class Attorneys in multiple areas of expertise –Legal, Estate, Medicaid
    • Planning, and Business Planning*.
    • Best in class Insurance Professionals in multiple areas ofexpertise*.

    We strive for the “Ultimate Client Experience” with our demand for concierge level client service. We have included Financial Planning, Tax Planning, Tax Preparation, and Legal Services all in one place, all under one roof. Our clients know that they can consult with their financial advisor in one suite, have their taxes done in another suite, and discuss a Will or Trust with a house attorney in another suite. It is our belief that these services need to be working closely together to help our clients achieve their goals. We will take the time to help you discover your individual goals and needs, and then help you develop a plan to achieve them.
    *Legal services, Tax Preparation/cpa services, Mortgage services, and Specialized Insurance services are all offered through independent licensed professionals.

    We’re looking forward to using our expertise to help you pursue your financial goals.

    Fred Creutzer – President

    Fred believes that education, communication and interaction with clients on a regular basis is key to understanding your financial planning needs and assisting you in achieving your financial goals. Creutzer Financial assists individuals and business owners in all areas of financial and investment management. Fred is a regular community educator with popular workshop programs on Social Security Retirement Income Planning and Estate Planning Fundamentals. Fred works actively with the large number of federal employees located in our region and has specific training in the benefits planning and retirement needs of civil service and military employees of the United States Federal Government. Fred is a regular contributor on WBAL-TV and can be viewed regularly on WBAL-TV news programs communicating timely financial information for viewers in the greater Baltimore area

    Address: 139 N Main St, Bel Air, MD 21014