For Immediate Release

October 10, 2018

Contact: Ron Bunce 518-903-3178


Family and Children’s Services has received a historic increase in funding to meet the needs of victims of crime in Baltimore and surrounding communities, with a $1.27 million award from the Office of Justice Programs at the U.S. Department of Justice (OVC) and $2.4 million award from the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP).

OVC funding will allow FCS to deploy everyday technology in a holistic manner to improve access, safety, and mental health outcomes for victims of crime and trauma. The demonstration project is designed to create a nationally replicable model that leverages current technologies to transform case management and behavioral health service delivery responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility for victims of crime.

“This funding could not be timelier, as the Baltimore region struggles with seemingly intractable rates of violent crime as recently reported in the Baltimore Sun,” says F.T. Burden, Chief Executive Officer. “With this project, FCS will develop and test new solutions to improve access and engagement for victims of crime and their families.”

GOCCP awarded FCS an unprecedented $2.4 million to expand regional services to improve the lifelong outcomes of our region’s children, along with victims of intimate partner violence, gang violence, elder abuse and violence within and against our region’s LGBTQ community.

“When most people think of Family and Children’s Services, they tend to think of our mental health clinics where our professional team works with people to solve everyday challenges that impact their mental health and well-being,” said Jenny Hovermill, President of the Board of Directors, “but FCS is also a formidable resource in our community as it pertains to trauma and trauma informed care, which was substantiated with these monumental grants.”

FCS is a licensed and accredited outpatient mental health clinic serving the mental health needs of children and adults throughout their life course. We are leaders in treating trauma and working with victims of violence. We have offices in Baltimore City, Baltimore, Harford, Carroll, Howard and Anne Arundel Counties, with immediate openings with our counselors, social workers, psychiatrist and nurse practitioner available. We accept most insurances and do not turn anyone away due to an inability to pay. To find a location near you, or to learn more about the services we provide, visit our website at or call now at (410)-669-9000.

About Family and Children’s Services

Family and Children’s Services is a non-profit human services organization, based in Baltimore for more than 169 years. The agency provides a broad range of free and low-fee support services to people of all ages through its core of behavioral health services and case management programs. With ten locations in Baltimore and the surrounding counties, FCS serves more than 9,000 individuals and families every year dealing with the challenges sustained in areas such as trauma, domestic violence, mental health, raising fa

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