Dichotomies of intention and action point to a greater knowing for all those willing to look.

We can see these dichotomies in ourselves, our families, our workforce and our society.
A glaring example of a dichotomy of intention and action is our current education system and that of preparing students for success within our larger economic and business context.

Science admits knowing little about the brain yet, what we do know lags in educational institutions.

In fact, public schools operate from a model developed 124 years ago to equip a manufacturing-based society. Yet, what we experience now is an information and service-based economy and society. Our society would obviously benefit from education methodologies in alignment with our current and future societal and workforce needs. The rote learning, teacher-lead methods do not espouse the business and economic needs of creative problem solving, interpersonal awareness, and quality communication. Above we can see a dichotomy in approach and methods of education as well as, a dichotomy between what is needed in the workforce and what is being supported in formal educational environments.

Surely, I am not the only one to recognize this. In fact, I hear hiring managers and business owners often complain about too many applicants but, too few with the necessary skills and competencies.

Education is not keeping pace with market and economic needs. However, what’s most concerning for businesses and our economy is that very few institutions even exist to properly equip our current and future workforce for today’s needs!

More than ever employees lack the ability to negotiate cultural dynamics, perform career navigation, initiate personal growth and leadership development, amongst the many other skill and competency needs of the current and future workforce.

These efforts have to be consciously thought out and facilitated as a compliment to existing systems, requiring alignment from top to bottom of the organization.

Examining dichotomies in intention and action require skillful facilitation, trust and courage. Yet when done in earnest there remain no barriers to achievement of the established vision and mission!

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By: Ryan McShane, President, HR Evolution LLC,  RyanM@marc3solutions.com

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