Course Description:  Supervisors  and managers play key roles in any organization. They are responsible for creating a link between upper management and front-line employees, and have a dramatic impact on employee performance and behavior.

In this program your supervisors and lower level managers will gain an understanding of their role in the organization, acquire knowledge of the legal issues and liabilities facing supervisors, and have a desire to develop more effective supervisory skills and leadership competencies.



  • Evaluate personal strengths and areas for improvement
  • Ability to develop plans to improve personal performance
  • Create a personal leadership statement
  • Practice developing win-win situations



  • Supervisors will be able to recognize and avoid mistakes common for new supervisors.  
  • Supervisors will seek to create win/win outcomes.
  • Supervisors will be able to identify legal issues and how to avoid liability, as well as uphold compliance.                                              


Tips for Measurement of Impact:      

  • Decreased incidence of employee complaints relating to common mistakes of new supervisors.
  • Fewer liabilities exposing the organization                                                           
  • Increased employee compliance                                                           
  • Clear schedule of planned employee support, monitoring, development and feedback, aligned with performance expectations.
  • Supervisor operates from personal supervisor vision-statement
  • Supervisor develops, monitors and behaves from personal plan of supervisory improvement


When:  To Be Announced

The Classes are two hours in length and are typically mornings during the week or via a webinar online.

Where:  Hunt Valley, MD (Classroom & Online Supplemental Material)

Cost:  $149 per person