Course Description:  To stay competitive, high performance organizations realize they must effectively manage the interpersonal conflict that occurs among their employees. High Performance organizations are dedicated to developing employee skills needed to meet the challenges of the ever changing marketplace. Managers need to have the essential knowledge about causes of conflict, types of difficult people, and strategies for preventing and managing conflict.

This module will motivate managers to set goals and define actions for developing and enhancing their current conflict management abilities. It will set the groundwork for participants to acknowledge the impact that conflict can have on their job performance and the positive effect that learning to manage organizational conflict can have on an organization’s bottom line.


  • Attendees will be able to identify causes of organizational conflict.
  • Identify difficult people.
  • Take ownership of conflict management.
  • Enhance personal conflict management skills.



  • Attendees will be able to identify personal conflict behaviors and those of others.           
  • Attendees will seek not to avoid conflict but, respond using conflict management methods.
  • Encourage others to address perceived conflict and encourage seeking resolution consistent with goals/mutual interests

Tips for Measurement of Impact:     

  • Decreased incidence of employee complaints relating to personal conflicts
  • Enhanced relation across teams
  • Issues of conflict are addressed upon recognition
  • Increased job satisfaction for employees who are able to focus their energy on work and feel supported that conflicts will be resolved in interest of personal integrity and organizational goals/mission.

When:  To Be Announced

The Classes are two hours in length and are typically mornings during the week or via a webinar online.

Where:  Hunt Valley, MD (Classroom & Online Supplemental Material)

Cost:  $149 per person