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Individuals who have been chosen to be featured by Leading Maryland.

Harel Turkel, CEO, SOS Technology Group
Harel Turkel, CEO, SOS Technology Group, is interviewed by Umar Hameed during his No Limits Selling Podcast.   Highlights from this interview.   1. The 2008 recession killed our business diversifying our offerings and client base brought as back stronger than ever. 2. If you have a great product and a prospect that has a need. Never give up! 3. You have to craft the...
Fred Diamond, Co-founder, Institute for Excellence
Fred Diamond, Co-founder, of the Institute for Excellence, is interviewed by Umar Hameed on his No Limits Selling Podcast.
We are pleased to have interviewed Baltimore businessman, Ed Hale, CEO and owner of the Baltimore Blast. https://www.amazon.com/Hale-Storm-Incredible-Baltimores-Including-ebook/dp/B00OXI6LU8
Ernie at Bayview Managementvideo
Ernie Rafailides talks about his family business, and his journey from starting out as an attorney, to then lead his family business, Bayview Management. Bayview Management is a trusted Baltimore County property management company. Bayview Management brings over 40 years’ experience in the property management field right to your doorstep.  Bayview Management is a combination of both residential and commercial...